Mushroom Workshop

Calendar with activities by "El brogit guiatges"
As a new thing, we are offering programmed activities such as guided hiking, or workshops organized by "El brogit guiatges". The activities are various, for example wine or olive oil tastings, mushroom picking, elaboration of soap, night tours with star watching or yoga etc. For more information have a look at their web: or download their monthly program here.  

New English School for kids at summer 2009
This summer we have English School with native qualified teachers. Language and culture is introduces with following activities: workshops, typical games and songs, sports, art & drama, cinema etc. If you are interested there is a presentation of the course held in the "Sociedad" in Argentera on 2/5/09 at 17.30 or you can contact Mathew Barton on 663 028 973 or ourselves for more information.

Company outings, celebrations etc.
Do you want to celebrate something with family & friends or make a company outing? Our ground floor has a large room for dining or meetings and is equipped with projector and home cinema hifi. We can help to organize for catering or to arrange for special events or courses, for example painting with a certified teacher, local cooking, harvest of almonds, nuts, grapes or olives, elaboration of your own olive paste etc. Please call us for more details or contact us with your wishes or suggestions.

Special event in September 2006
Between 19 and 23 of September the architect Flemming Abrahamson will come with his colleagues from the company Renewable Energy. They come to build up a mass stove in our basement appartment. In this connection we are glad to invite you to an event around the environmental and economical advantages by the use of a mass stove. This will take place on 21/09/06 from 19-21 hour at our premises. More information:

Calendar of Season attractions:
 January-March is season for the local feast "Calçotada" and also good for going to pick asparagus in the mountains.
August is fiesta time which is a unique experience.
September is time for the harvest of almonds, nuts and grapes.
September-October is time for mushrooms and the specialty here is "robellóns".
October-November is the season for picking olives and tasting the newly pressed virgin olive oil at the local feast "festa del oli".

Calçotada in Casa Argentera

Large dining or meeting  room

Paella a sunday in the garden

The almond tree blooms in February

Evening tour with yoga